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Posted by G.R.A.C.E. Preecha
28Dec 07

Fourth Friday Fundamentals (Baltimore, MD)

The History of Fourth Friday Fundamentals

In The summer of 2001, a group of Christian Hip-hop artists and musicians in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania were united by the common desire of bringing glory to God through their various gifts. This common desire came to fruition with a concert that featured a unique worship experience of Christ-centered Hip-hop and live music with a strong doctrinal emphasis. Out of this event, First Friday Fundamentals was birthed. Fast forward to 2006: the preceding five years had shown the growth of a holy culture, the building up of God’s people in the essentials of the Christian faith, and the reconciliation of sinners with their God.

It was in that same year that the idea of bringing this unique event to Baltimore was in seed form.  After years of supporting the First Friday Fundamentals, the contagious passion to communicate the essentials of the faith in a fresh format was at the cusp of taking place in the area affectionately known as “Charm City”.  So a diverse group of brothers came together and prayerfully planned and looked to the Lord for assistance.  After having numerous discussions, the first Fourth Friday Fundamentals service was launched in November of 2007.


The Vision of Fourth Friday Fundamentals

Our vision is to act as a platform to bring the foundational tenets of the faith into the spotlight so that souls are refreshed and invigorated by the brilliance of the Triune God.  We want to be the catalyst the Lord uses to spark a Modern Reformation in the urban context…suburban context…and anywhere else the opportunity presents itself.  We seek to do this by clearly and faithfully unpacking the Scriptures to make them plain and provoke a passionate delight in the glory of God.


The Mission of Fourth Friday Fundamentals

As members of various area churches, our mission is to teach the life transforming message of the Gospel with strategic clarity and thereby spread a passion for the glory of God.

We hope to achieve this by instructing the saints so they become firm in the faith; and therefore able to articulate what they believe (and why) and encourage others with the message of the Cross.  Also, with a heart for the lost, we want to accurately represent the Gospel well in all our endeavors so that the Holy Spirit would use it mightily.  So, Fourth Friday Fundamentals is constantly delving into the Scriptures to prepare in-depth Biblical teaching designed to glorify God, edify the saints, and evangelize the lost.

With God’s help we are fulfilling our mission by presenting the fundamentals in the following ways:

  • conversational format (hosting),
  • visual presentation from Pop Culture (video clip and rap session),
  • occasional performance by Christian artists,
  • analytical review of Christian and secular music in light of the theme (lyrical analysis),
  • and expositional preaching of the Gospel.


Soli Deo Gloria