Happy New Year – So What ?

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2Jan 10

While we’re waiting for audio from this year to be gathered (the FFF crew had many trials with equipment failure this year), I decided to do a little sharing for those of you visiting the site. I wrote this and posted it back in 07, but giving it a listen, I found myself being a bit convicted by it. I think it’s a good ‘share’ opportunity for everyone. It’s posted afresh at our sister site, Life | Doctrine | Music and at its’ original location at Theologically Correct dot Com.

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Thinking Biblically Commentary – January 4, 2007
K. Joel Gilliard

Every year on December 31, great festivals and celebrations around the world are held to ring out the old year and bring in the new year. In fact, starting backwards from December 26th, news broadcasters begin to reflect on past events of the year, who died, who got married and whatever the big news stories of the year that there were.

Many people use this time of year to do their own reflection on the events of the past year in their personal lives. Many make promises to improve themselves in the coming year and as we well know, these things have a tendency not to last.

Many have come to think of New Year’s resolutions as a cliché for ‘Heh. Let’s see how long that lasts.’ People make grandiose claims and promises only to break them before the end of the month (usually within the first 5-15 days of the month).

Now let’s think for a moment. Biblically, if you will.

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