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8Sep 11

The exciting truth of Christian Liberty cries out to believers of their freedom from the slave chains of sin and the looming shadow of God’s condemning wrath.  It continues to exclaim of the free access saints have to the presence of God to render to Him the loving obedience of an adopted child.   This truth preserves us from legalism and the wild eye frenzy of lawlessness.  And it lays out for us a pattern of how we are to exercise our liberty in our Christian community.  Come on out with questions and thoughts about the topic.  Let’s discuss it, hash it out, and build together to the glory of God.   Questions to consider:  What is Christian Liberty?  What is the historical background of the teaching?  How should we exercise it?  Why should we even be concerned about it?

The Topic: Christian Liberty
The Date: September 23, 2011
The Place: Believers’ Chapel
The Address: 12 West 22nd Street, Baltimore, MD 21217
The Time: 8 PM to 10 PM
Coming all the way from KANSAS CITY MISSOURI to help us consider this weighty truth as both GUEST ARTIST and SPEAKER is our friend Pastor Damon Horton (Azriel) from Koinonia Bible Church.
The SPECIAL HOST for the evening is Pastor Irwyn Ince from City Hope Church.
We are coming down to our last few services for this year so please come out!  Bring your classmates, church members, friends, family, associates, etc etc.

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