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13Jul 11

Philip Graham Ryken has said the best way to listen to a sermon is, “With a soul that is prepared, a mind that is alert, a Bible that is open, a heart that is receptive, and a life that is ready to spring into action.”  This month’s topic takes that into consideration as we talk through what we are calling “expository listening” or “expositional listening”. 

Last month we looked at expository preaching which aims at making point of the passage the point of the sermon.  Expository preaching as a philosophical approach structures the pastor’s preaching agenda around the meaning of Scripture. 

So in like manner with expository listening the hearers of the message are actively, tuning in to the sermon for the purpose of hearing the message of God unpacked from revealed will of God (the Scriptures).



The Topic: Expository Listening 

The Date: July 22, 2011

 The Place: Believers’ Chapel

 The Address: 12 West 22nd Street, Baltimore, MD 21217

 The Time: 8 PM to 10 PM


 Pastoral Intern Frank Cruzata from City of Hope Presbyterian Church

Come on out we would absolutely love to see you!!

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