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18Mar 11

Hey ‘love wins’!  In the end…in the final analysis love wins.  Sounds good doesn’t it?  But what does it mean?  Does it mean that we can dispense with the urgent and joyful activity of spreading the good news ‘that salvation is granted by grace, received by faith, grounded in Christ, and reflective of the glory of God’ (Joel Beeke)?


Most assuredly not!  It is probably more accurate to say that love has won through what Christ accomplished on the Cross. 


God in the Triune counsel of love, before creation itself, framed a completed plan to accomplish salvation for a people who were His enemies through the work of Christ and to draw those people into His family.  They would be drawn by God enriched conversations that communicate the meaning, purpose, and final direction of creation.


This month we set our sights on those conversations which we refer to as Biblical Evangelism.  It is not a sales pitch.  It is not an assault of logical ideas.  It is a thoughtful and provocative discussion couched in clear language colored with urgency and love.


Join the discussion that will prayerful spark more conversations.  Join us as we go in on the topic of Biblical Evangelism.



Pastoral Intern and Deacon of Missions from Hope Bible Fellowship Roderick Montgomery!



Believer’s Chapel
12 West 22nd Street
Baltimore, MD 21218



What time?

8:00 PM



Who should come?

You and them…

Those and they…

Folks with questions

Folks seeking answers

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