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Our theme for this year is the Beautiful Church.  And starting off that year long theme is this month’s (1-28-2011) topic on Church Membership

What sort of role does it play in the life of a believer?  Is it important?  Is it necessary?  Is it even relevant? 

Do the Scriptures mandate it or suggest it?  Can’t we get the benefits of church membership without actually being a member?  Let’s discuss it!



This month we have a guest artist.  Lampmode Recording artist, Stephen the Levite will be in attendance presenting the truth lyrically.



Pastor Chuck Vuolo from New Life Christian Community Church!  (Pastor Chuck Vuolo will be joining us in May when we deal with the topic: Biblical Leadership) Derek is preaching 2/4/2011



Believer’s Chapel
12 West 22nd Street
Baltimore, MD 21218






What time?

8:00 PM


Who should come?

You!?!?  And like 15 of your closest friends…12 family members…9 complete strangers…and a partridge in a…uh nevermind.

In case you missed it…we’re talking about church membership.