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Fourth Friday Fundamentals 8/27/10

Posted by G.R.A.C.E. Preecha

Our aim is to act as platform to bring the foundational tenets of the faith into the spotlight so that souls are refreshed and invigorated by the brilliance of the Triune God. We want to be the catalyst the Lord is pleased to use to spark a Modern Reformation in the urban context…suburban context…and anywhere else the opportunity presents itself. We attempt to do this by taking the precious revelatory Holy Writ of God (feeling a little poetic, by this I mean the Bible) and presenting it in a multi-angular fashion using various media to make it plain.

Join us August 27, 2010 @ 8:00 PM

at Believer’s Chapel
12 West 22nd Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

as we consider we consider the believers’ encouragement and the virtue that sparks joy and strengthens patience. This month’s topic is Hope. Joining us this month is we have:

Guest Artist: Azriel


Guest Preacher: Pastor D.A. Horton (Pastor of Truth Bible Fellowship)

Peep the small print: I know it’s the same dude. It’s just funny to me everytime I advertise like that. lol

Bring a friend.

Bring a neighbor.

Tell a co-worker.

Come on through!

Here’s the video:

Sermons updated! July’s FFF was a blessing as Derek Pulliam took us through a biblical look at the topic of Joy. You can get the sermon (and others) over on the media page (July 2010) to download directly or simply subscribe to the podcast (the easy way) to get all of them!

And did we mention our podcast is in the iTunes store now ? It is. 🙂

More good things! August 23, 2010, Pastor Damon Horton aka Azriel will be not only the guest artist for the night (ministering cuts from his new CD Systematic Theology Volume One – pick this up quickly!), but he will also be the speaker on this month’s topic: Hope.

Haven’t been to FFF in a while ? We’ll remind you again in a few days. You’ll want to be here for the fellowship, edification and more! 12 W. 22nd Street in Baltimore at Believers’ Chapel. We begin at 8! Hope to see you there!