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This month we’re considering the topic of forgiveness.  Prayerfully the Lord will be pleased to both challenge and transform us all as we meditate on this fundamental Christian attitude.  Dealing with topic forgiveness, Pastor John MacArthur has said the following:

Listen, God is perfectly holy. He is thrice holy…holy, holy, holy. He is of purer eyes than to behold evil, cannot look upon iniquity. He cannot tolerate sin. He despises sin. He hates sin. And while He is forgiving there will be an end to His patience and He will not endure sin forever. There will come a time of judgment and justice. He says that all the way back in Exodus 34 and verse 7. At the same time that God is forgiving, there is an end to His forgiveness because ultimately His holiness will take over where there is impenitence. He is perfectly holy and ultimate, ultimately does require a just punishment for sin…either from the sinner or from a substitute for the sinner, namely His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. To say that is to say that God is holy and sets a holy standard, so much so that ultimately sinners unforgiven will be damned to an eternal hell of punishment. There’s no question about the extent of God’s holiness. And that in itself makes His forgiveness all the more astonishing. God then who is most holy, God who is most supremely offended forgives.

We who are unholy shall we not forgive? What is it, some kind of God complex people have who won’t forgive? Indeed it is. You have an elevated opinion of yourself who will not forgive. You have exalted yourself to a standard higher than God.

I pray this quote resonants with you throughout the week and compels you to join us this Friday. 

I hope to see you there!

Grace & Peace