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4th Friday Fundamentals is a parachurch didactic ministry geared towards taking a multi-modal approach to unpacking Biblical Doctrine to facilitate a Triune God entranced vision of life and spark a modern day Reformation & Revival with the underlined help and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We seek to come at you with clear definitions and explanations of Biblical Truth. We endeavor to draw illustrations from pop culture to saturate the thinking of those in attendance with parabolical examples. We call on our partners from the Gospel Hip Hop community to further draw out Truth through the vehicle of lyrical theology or didactic music. We call on Pastors and ministers to bring the Truth home through the profundity of the Word preached.


Join us May 22, 2009 @ 8:00 PM


at Believer’s Chapel
12 West 22nd Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

This month we’ll be stretching the fabric of our thinking by tackling the topic of the Trinity.  Come out and add another reason to have the Triune God uppermost in your affections.