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Miguel Davila discusses the topic of regeneration! A great time had by all as usual and the message blessed many.

Date: July 25, 2008
Topic: Regeneration
Speaker:Miguel Davila


With brother Redeemed as host, brothers in The Gathering discussed the topic of Election. This one got so good that we’re going to have to discuss a part 2 to the discussion during a future recording.

Be edified.

The Gathering: 8/20/08 – Election part 1

Suffering and Santification

Posted by Israel Felix
In Theology and Living
9Aug 08

Suffering Prepares Believers for Glory.


A Christian’s life should reflect an appreciation for the “sweet theology of uncomfortable grace,” God’s refining work in a believer through suffering, Paul Tripp said in his November 9 chapel message to Southeastern students. Tripp, a well known author, speaker and the director of Changing Lives International based his message on 1 Peter 1:3-9,
which is called “one of the Bible’s most stunning story summaries…(that) captures everything walking with the Lord is about. “God will take you where you did not plan to go in order to produce in you what you could not achieve on your own,” Tripp said. “Very often the moment we’re crying out, ‘Where is the grace of God?’ we’re getting it. But it’s uncomfortable grace.” The passage demonstrates the “then past, then future, and now construction in Scripture,” Tripp said. This axiom summarizes that a Christian’s past, future in eternity, and present circumstances should be understood as a whole. He conceded that most churches do well with the discussion of past and future, but “tend to get lost in the details of now.” Tripp said that Christians often focus on circumstances rather than having “God’s view of what in the world is happening now. “We tend to be so oriented to comfort and oriented to ease,” Tripp said. This causes Christians to view life’s struggles as a sign of God’s inattention rather than God’s refining grace. Tripp relayed a similar message in his “Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands” conference, held at Southeastern on November 8. The conference was geared toward those pursuing an education in biblical counseling, Tripp’s main area of expertise. The conference and Tripp’s speaking engagements are the result of his quest to keep church counseling from reducing the Bible to a book of directions. “Christianity is not a restorative technology,” Tripp said in a Southeastern class lecture. He urged students to instead view Christianity as life, not applied science. He concluded his chapel message by calling Christians to “celebrate the refining mercy of a powerful and  loving Redeemer. “Do you want a Messiah who will deliver to you your own personal definition of purpose and pleasure and leave you in your own condition?” Tripp asked. “Or do you want a Messiah that says, ‘I mined you so you will reach that glorious state of beauty I intended for you?'”


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