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Over the span of four years and forty-four memorable services, the LORD was pleased to grant us a platform to spread the fame of His Son and the one way of Salvation to virtually a variegated collection of people. The drama of redemption coupled with gracious providential acts and perfections of God were unpacked with careful intentionality to the inform the mind, capture the imagination, and invoke a deeper love for the Most High.

We grew in knowledge.
We were taught to love.
We built relationships.

Now we want to circle back around and celebrate what God has done in our lives with…a reunion! A reunion means food! Cookout food!

That’s right Fourth Friday Fundamentals is having a cookout! AND the hospitable host with the most is the ever zealous Nick Sebree!!


5:00 pm.

Check our FB page for more details!

FFF August 2011 Promo Video

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That time is almost here again! Check the promo video for the August 26, 2011 event:

Podcast for July 2011 Updated

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26Jul 11

Hey folks! If you got the original podcast for July 2011 and your audio was too low, we caught the problem earlier today (thanks Expo!) and fixed it. You can download the file at the same link or if you’re subscribed to the podcast, you should get the updated podcast automatically.

God Bless and thanks for your patience and support!

Podcasts updated! Media page updated!

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25Jul 11

Subscribed to the podcast ? Pardon the delay, but new podcasts are up today! – Media Page – Podcast link

*update 7-26-11: The volume on podcast file for July 2011 has been fixed.

This month we’re considering the topic of forgiveness.  Prayerfully the Lord will be pleased to both challenge and transform us all as we meditate on this fundamental Christian attitude.  Dealing with topic forgiveness, Pastor John MacArthur has said the following:

Listen, God is perfectly holy. He is thrice holy…holy, holy, holy. He is of purer eyes than to behold evil, cannot look upon iniquity. He cannot tolerate sin. He despises sin. He hates sin. And while He is forgiving there will be an end to His patience and He will not endure sin forever. There will come a time of judgment and justice. He says that all the way back in Exodus 34 and verse 7. At the same time that God is forgiving, there is an end to His forgiveness because ultimately His holiness will take over where there is impenitence. He is perfectly holy and ultimate, ultimately does require a just punishment for sin…either from the sinner or from a substitute for the sinner, namely His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. To say that is to say that God is holy and sets a holy standard, so much so that ultimately sinners unforgiven will be damned to an eternal hell of punishment. There’s no question about the extent of God’s holiness. And that in itself makes His forgiveness all the more astonishing. God then who is most holy, God who is most supremely offended forgives.

We who are unholy shall we not forgive? What is it, some kind of God complex people have who won’t forgive? Indeed it is. You have an elevated opinion of yourself who will not forgive. You have exalted yourself to a standard higher than God.

I pray this quote resonants with you throughout the week and compels you to join us this Friday. 

I hope to see you there!

Grace & Peace


Come join us this Friday, February 26th, as we deal with the topic of “The Sufficiency of Scripture”

Our speaker for the evening is Pastor Iggy Choi.

If you’ve never been to FFF before, this would be a perfect time for you to ‘jump in’.

Be sure to check our Facebook Group Page for current info.  Subscribe to our Tweets and follow us throughout the week….. and be sure to check as new videos are being added to our YouTube page.

The place: Believer’s Chapel
12 West 22nd Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

The time: 8:00 pm sharp

The theme: The Sufficiency of Scripture

Forward this to 2763 of your closest friends. 🙂

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11Feb 10

Four big updates!

1. Be sure to check the links and resources we’ve provided in the lefthand column over here.  We’ve added a few sites and resources.

2. Become a fan of us on Facebook!  Follow us on Twitter!  Scroll partially down the page and links to our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts are there! Click, subscribe and follow!

3. We’re way overdue for uploading the remaining 2009 sermons.  FFF had a plethora of challenges in 2009 – technical (as in technology not working) and facility (as in, we had to host FFF a few different places before moving back home). Through it all, however, the Lord has been gracious to this ministry.

We’d like to publicly thank the folks at Trinity Reformed Baptist Church (Pastor Steve Hartland) and  Manna Bible Baptist Church (Pastor Gaines) for not only giving us a location, but for supporting us to the point that it seemed like we’d been hosting FFF there all along.  Special thanks to the staff at Manna Bible for printing up free literature for the event.  May the Lord bless your congregation greatly for your kindness toward us.

Okay, that’s it for the shoutouts.  Here’s the sermons.

4. We did say 4 didn’t we ?  Be sure to check out our sister site’s discussion board over at Life | Doctrine | Music. Join, discuss and contribute to the growing community of believers who love truth.

We’ll have info up for the upcoming February FFF very shortly.  And yes, we ARE back at Believers’ Chapel!

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21Jan 10

It’s that time already!

Endeavoring to bring Baltimore, Christ-centered rhymes and sound, biblical, theological teaching under one roof at one time, Fourth Friday Fundamentals serves as the conduit for such to take place. Its a time for worship, celebration, edification, conviction, correction, fellowship and maturation.

Join us January 22, 2010 @ 8:00 PM

at Believer’s Chapel
12 West 22nd Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

…as we get into and unpack the need to diligently keep close accounts on yourself and the revealed Inscripturated Truth! We are hopeful that this session will evoke sincere examination in both belief and behavior!

soli deo gloria!!

(in case you missed it) THEME: WATCH YOUR LIFE AND DOCTRINE

FEATURED ARTIST: PROTEGE (this cat gets animated like a cartoon! join us and be prepared for an energetic set! come through and bring a friend or 2)

February Meeting Place – 2/27/09 FFF

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Attention! Attention! Believers’ Chapel is still under construction, so this month’s FFF will be moved to a new location.

Trinity Reformed Baptist Church

2907 Mountain Road.
Joppa, MD 21085.
For directions, click here: Map
We’re still on for this month, just at a new location. We look forward to seeing you there with us! PLEASE PASS THE WORD!


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17Feb 08

Hey folks!

Well, the Lord has been gracious and allowed us to finally get Fourth Friday up and running.

There’s a lot here on site – and more coming including articles and things for your edification. Be sure to frequently check our Audio/Video link above. You can download the messages individually, listen to them online or subscribe to all of the messages as a podcast.

The messages from the first two meetings are now up online and we’re all looking forward to the third meeting coming up this Friday, February 22, 2008!!!

If you haven’t made it out to an FFF meeting, we’d be glad to have you come through and meet up with us. Directions to our meeting place are located above in the top menu.

Our photo album is coming soon along with videos and interviews from artists, preachers and other folks in the faith – all for the benefit of the saints.

That said, take advantage of all that’s here and be blessed.

– The Staff of FFF