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Podcast for July 2011 Updated

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26Jul 11

Hey folks! If you got the original podcast for July 2011 and your audio was too low, we caught the problem earlier today (thanks Expo!) and fixed it. You can download the file at the same link or if you’re subscribed to the podcast, you should get the updated podcast automatically.

God Bless and thanks for your patience and support!

Podcasts updated! Media page updated!

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25Jul 11

Subscribed to the podcast ? Pardon the delay, but new podcasts are up today! – Media Page – Podcast link

*update 7-26-11: The volume on podcast file for July 2011 has been fixed.

Sermons updated! July’s FFF was a blessing as Derek Pulliam took us through a biblical look at the topic of Joy. You can get the sermon (and others) over on the media page (July 2010) to download directly or simply subscribe to the podcast (the easy way) to get all of them!

And did we mention our podcast is in the iTunes store now ? It is. 🙂

More good things! August 23, 2010, Pastor Damon Horton aka Azriel will be not only the guest artist for the night (ministering cuts from his new CD Systematic Theology Volume One – pick this up quickly!), but he will also be the speaker on this month’s topic: Hope.

Haven’t been to FFF in a while ? We’ll remind you again in a few days. You’ll want to be here for the fellowship, edification and more! 12 W. 22nd Street in Baltimore at Believers’ Chapel. We begin at 8! Hope to see you there!

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10Jul 10

All of the media has been updated both on the Media page and in the podcast subscription link. 🙂 We’ll be on iTunes shortly.

Over at our sister site, Theologically Correct dot Com, it’s Q & A time. Got hard questions on the Christian faith ? Questions on what doctrines are right ? Get more info and shoot us a link here:

Major announcement on FFF for August coming SOON! 🙂 Stay tuned…. (and don’t forget FFF for July 23….it’ll be here soon!).

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11Feb 10

Four big updates!

1. Be sure to check the links and resources we’ve provided in the lefthand column over here.  We’ve added a few sites and resources.

2. Become a fan of us on Facebook!  Follow us on Twitter!  Scroll partially down the page and links to our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts are there! Click, subscribe and follow!

3. We’re way overdue for uploading the remaining 2009 sermons.  FFF had a plethora of challenges in 2009 – technical (as in technology not working) and facility (as in, we had to host FFF a few different places before moving back home). Through it all, however, the Lord has been gracious to this ministry.

We’d like to publicly thank the folks at Trinity Reformed Baptist Church (Pastor Steve Hartland) and  Manna Bible Baptist Church (Pastor Gaines) for not only giving us a location, but for supporting us to the point that it seemed like we’d been hosting FFF there all along.  Special thanks to the staff at Manna Bible for printing up free literature for the event.  May the Lord bless your congregation greatly for your kindness toward us.

Okay, that’s it for the shoutouts.  Here’s the sermons.

4. We did say 4 didn’t we ?  Be sure to check out our sister site’s discussion board over at Life | Doctrine | Music. Join, discuss and contribute to the growing community of believers who love truth.

We’ll have info up for the upcoming February FFF very shortly.  And yes, we ARE back at Believers’ Chapel!

Probably the longest FFF Title we’ve ever had.

Our first FFF of 2009! Join us as Pastor Leake gives us a tour through the nature and purposes of the church. Why does the body of Christ exist ? Are you a lone-ranger Christian or connected with a local body ? Pastor Leake challenges and encourages us with this powerful message.

Date: February 27, 2009
Topic: The Church, Fellowship and Community
Speaker: Pastor Tom Leake, Hope Bible Church in Columbia, MD


In addition, photos from the event are now available here:

Welcome back, saints!  We know it’s been a while, but we’ve caught up over the past month on getting messages to your iPod/MP3 Player for your edification. The September, October and November messages are all available for download and streaming. 🙂 Enjoy and be blessed.

Derek Pulliam takes us through the doctrine of perseverance and the implications for all believers.

Date: September 26, 2008
Topic: Perseverance
Speaker:Derek Pulliam



Miguel Davila discusses the topic of repentance! What is biblical repentance ? What’s the difference between godly sorrow and simply being sorry for what you did ? This message will challenge you and your walk.

Date: October 24, 2008
Topic: Repentance
Speaker:Miguel Davila



Derek Pulliam ends out the first year of Fourth Friday Fundamentals with a challenging message on the nature of saving faith. What’s the nature of your faith ? Does your life show evidence that you are truly a child of the King ?

Date: November 21, 2008 (THIRD Friday of November)
Topic: Faith
Speaker:Derek Pulliam



Be sure to also check out our Photo Galleries for August, September, October and November!


Closing out the year……

The Lord has graciously granted us a year of sharing Biblical messages with many folks, making new friends and helping to gather a new family together once a month.  Through it, a small group of brothers have been guiding the efforts and organizing it all to make sure that first and foremost, God is glorified in all that we say, sing, rap, preach and do. We’ve been careful in choosing music and messages, working out themes and those who’ve preached have spent diligent time in study before stepping into the pulpit.  We do this as a labor of love for the brethren of Baltimore City, knowing that there are many good saints in bad churches with unsound teaching.  We pray that God will continue to use FFF as a light for those and others seeking Biblical truth, fellowship, friends and growth in Christ.

FFF could NOT come off every month without the gracious use of Believers’ Chapel in Baltimore, MD and the support of the saints at this local assembly who not only come out every meeting, but also help organize the food and refreshments at the end.  Neither would it happen without the tireless support of our artists and regular attendees.  We really praise God for you all.

During this Advent season, we pray that you spend time with your families and enjoy the company of your relatives, as well as get in a time of rest.  There will be no Fourth Fridays in December, but we’ll be back in January for another year of sound teaching, as the Lord permits.

Thanks again.  Lord willing, this is just the start.

– The Staff of Fourth Friday Fundamentals

Miguel Davila discusses the topic of regeneration! A great time had by all as usual and the message blessed many.

Date: July 25, 2008
Topic: Regeneration
Speaker:Miguel Davila


With brother Redeemed as host, brothers in The Gathering discussed the topic of Election. This one got so good that we’re going to have to discuss a part 2 to the discussion during a future recording.

Be edified.

The Gathering: 8/20/08 – Election part 1

If you missed FFF June 27th, you missed one of the best ones we’ve had to date.

Here’s the message from June 27th, 2008.

Date: June 27, 2008
Topic: Election
Speaker: Derek Pulliam
Download | Stream

In addition, the latest broadcast of The Gathering discusses the doctrine of Adoption and the implications of it. We also preview new music from Evangel and Voice from both of their upcoming projects. We also interview Evangel for just a few moments.

The Gathering: July 4, 08 – The Doctrine of Adoption

More media….April and May messages up!

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1Jun 08

Pastor Charlie Baile spoke in April on the doctrine of adoption and in May, brother Derek Pulliam (aka Redeemed) pricked our hearts and consciences with a new look at the doctrine of justification.  Enjoy both messages and may the Lord use them to richly bless your walk.

Date: April 25, 2008
Topic: Adoption
Speaker: Pastor Charlie Baile
Download | Stream

Date: May 23, 2008
Topic: Justification
Speaker: Derek Pulliam
Download | Stream