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Over the span of four years and forty-four memorable services, the LORD was pleased to grant us a platform to spread the fame of His Son and the one way of Salvation to virtually a variegated collection of people. The drama of redemption coupled with gracious providential acts and perfections of God were unpacked with careful intentionality to the inform the mind, capture the imagination, and invoke a deeper love for the Most High.

We grew in knowledge.
We were taught to love.
We built relationships.

Now we want to circle back around and celebrate what God has done in our lives with…a reunion! A reunion means food! Cookout food!

That’s right Fourth Friday Fundamentals is having a cookout! AND the hospitable host with the most is the ever zealous Nick Sebree!!


5:00 pm.

Check our FB page for more details!

FFF August 2011 Promo Video

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That time is almost here again! Check the promo video for the August 26, 2011 event:

Fourth Friday Fundamentals 8/27/10

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Our aim is to act as platform to bring the foundational tenets of the faith into the spotlight so that souls are refreshed and invigorated by the brilliance of the Triune God. We want to be the catalyst the Lord is pleased to use to spark a Modern Reformation in the urban context…suburban context…and anywhere else the opportunity presents itself. We attempt to do this by taking the precious revelatory Holy Writ of God (feeling a little poetic, by this I mean the Bible) and presenting it in a multi-angular fashion using various media to make it plain.

Join us August 27, 2010 @ 8:00 PM

at Believer’s Chapel
12 West 22nd Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

as we consider we consider the believers’ encouragement and the virtue that sparks joy and strengthens patience. This month’s topic is Hope. Joining us this month is we have:

Guest Artist: Azriel


Guest Preacher: Pastor D.A. Horton (Pastor of Truth Bible Fellowship)

Peep the small print: I know it’s the same dude. It’s just funny to me everytime I advertise like that. lol

Bring a friend.

Bring a neighbor.

Tell a co-worker.

Come on through!

Here’s the video:

Sermons updated! July’s FFF was a blessing as Derek Pulliam took us through a biblical look at the topic of Joy. You can get the sermon (and others) over on the media page (July 2010) to download directly or simply subscribe to the podcast (the easy way) to get all of them!

And did we mention our podcast is in the iTunes store now ? It is. 🙂

More good things! August 23, 2010, Pastor Damon Horton aka Azriel will be not only the guest artist for the night (ministering cuts from his new CD Systematic Theology Volume One – pick this up quickly!), but he will also be the speaker on this month’s topic: Hope.

Haven’t been to FFF in a while ? We’ll remind you again in a few days. You’ll want to be here for the fellowship, edification and more! 12 W. 22nd Street in Baltimore at Believers’ Chapel. We begin at 8! Hope to see you there!

This month we’re considering the topic of forgiveness.  Prayerfully the Lord will be pleased to both challenge and transform us all as we meditate on this fundamental Christian attitude.  Dealing with topic forgiveness, Pastor John MacArthur has said the following:

Listen, God is perfectly holy. He is thrice holy…holy, holy, holy. He is of purer eyes than to behold evil, cannot look upon iniquity. He cannot tolerate sin. He despises sin. He hates sin. And while He is forgiving there will be an end to His patience and He will not endure sin forever. There will come a time of judgment and justice. He says that all the way back in Exodus 34 and verse 7. At the same time that God is forgiving, there is an end to His forgiveness because ultimately His holiness will take over where there is impenitence. He is perfectly holy and ultimate, ultimately does require a just punishment for sin…either from the sinner or from a substitute for the sinner, namely His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. To say that is to say that God is holy and sets a holy standard, so much so that ultimately sinners unforgiven will be damned to an eternal hell of punishment. There’s no question about the extent of God’s holiness. And that in itself makes His forgiveness all the more astonishing. God then who is most holy, God who is most supremely offended forgives.

We who are unholy shall we not forgive? What is it, some kind of God complex people have who won’t forgive? Indeed it is. You have an elevated opinion of yourself who will not forgive. You have exalted yourself to a standard higher than God.

I pray this quote resonants with you throughout the week and compels you to join us this Friday. 

I hope to see you there!

Grace & Peace


Even better than the next Fourth Friday’s –

Revival 2K10: Worshiping God through Preaching, Praise and Prayer

Revival 2K10 will be a time of worship and renewal as God’s people gather to worship Him through preaching, prayer and praise. We will also pray for His blessing and power for genuine revival in our churches and communities.

Speakers Doug Logan of Epiphany Fellowship of Philadelphia, Kevin Smith of Pinelands Presbyterian Church of Miami and Thurman Williams of New Song Community Church in Baltimore will exhort God’s people to worship God, walk before God and witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ as an end in and of itself.

Find out more information here:

Come join us this Friday, February 26th, as we deal with the topic of “The Sufficiency of Scripture”

Our speaker for the evening is Pastor Iggy Choi.

If you’ve never been to FFF before, this would be a perfect time for you to ‘jump in’.

Be sure to check our Facebook Group Page for current info.  Subscribe to our Tweets and follow us throughout the week….. and be sure to check as new videos are being added to our YouTube page.

The place: Believer’s Chapel
12 West 22nd Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

The time: 8:00 pm sharp

The theme: The Sufficiency of Scripture

Forward this to 2763 of your closest friends. 🙂

October 23, 2009, Fourth Fridays will be held at:

Manna Bible Baptist Church
3043 W. Belvedere Ave
Baltimore Md 21215
(410) 664-0743
(Its across the street from Pimlico Raceway.)

Please come out and support. Also, please continue to pray for Believer’s Chapel (our home spot) while they continue to tend to necessities of their building.

Theme: Marks of a Believer
Artist: Evangel

Due to circumstances beyond our control, FFF for September has been cancelled. We are sorry for any inconvenience and the last minute notice.

Come on out to Fourth Friday Fundamentals
Join us June 26, 2009 @ 8:00 PM at Believer’s Chapel 12 West 22nd Street Baltimore, MD 21218

What is Fourth Friday Fundamentals? Well it’s an amalgamation of a number of things: coffee shop tone, part concert, part workshop, part concert, part Q&A with visiting HHH emcee, part worship service, part sermon presentation.

The purpose is to emphasize core beliefs or foundational doctrinal truths of the Christian faith. The following fundamental slip is INTENTIONALLY EMPHASIZED EVERYTIME:


 The Holiness of God,

The sinfulness of man,

Man’s dilemma secondary to God’s Holiness, &

God’s Remedy to Man’s Exigency (redemptive work of Christ).


The Topic This Month is…PROVIDENCE

It’s the doctrine that speaks to us of how the Triune God, the Creator and Sustainer of all things exercises absolute control over the activities of His creatures and the natural order of things according to the execution of
His fixed eternal plan to the praise of His glory (Whew!).